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Extreme Green

Looking for the most accurate practice putting green on the market? You have found it with the Extreme Green putting greens. Perfect for both residential and commercial applications, this system makes a great addition to any indoor golf facility, clubhouse, retail store or the golf enthusiast’s basement, garage or backyard.


The Extreme Green systems allow the golfer to adjust the slope of the green with the push of a foot. By pushing the side wedge in on one side of a segment, two things happen; one side is raised while simultaneously lowering the other side. This action allows consecutive segments to be adjusted to the desired slope or break of the practice putting surface.


Each segment has 16 available settings which can create a virtually limitless variation of slopes and breaks. The Extreme Green system has a modular design which means any length of green is possible. By adding more segments you may increase the desired length. This also means that you can add on to your existing Extreme Green should you wish to extend it at a later date.


The Extreme Green is constructed with an anodized aluminum base and high impact plastic components. The base is supported in the center as well as on both sides which allows for superior strength and durability, allowing multiple golfers the ability to practice on the green at the same time.







Extreme Green

When we set out to find a quality putting green to offer our clients we had never heard of an Extreme Green. Now it is the only putting green that we offer. It has met and exceeded our expectations. The adjustable greens are perfect for practicing double breaking putts as well as single break and straight putts.


The stimp for these greens, we feel is right on for most outdoor greens. Extreme Greens offers a wide variety of sizes, from 4’ x 8’ all the way to an 8’ x 17’. These greens work great both indoors as well as outdoors. Extreme Green Systems are very low maintenance, well built and offer great accessories like a cart for easy storage.





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Commercial Use
Larger size putting greens

Left to right break putt

Double break putt

Right to left break putt

The possibilities are endless...


16 ft Long


12 ft Long


8 ft Long

Extreme Green - practice putting greens with custom slope

practice putting greens
practice putting greens
practice putting greens


6 x 17 ft

practice putting greens


6 x 25 ft

practice putting greens


8 x 17 ft

practice putting greens