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General Frequently Asked Questions



Q1Why choose SES?

A1Click here to learn more about Sports Entertainment Specialists and the SES Advantage.




Q1a2Do you charge Sales Tax?

A1a2Currently, the only state we charge sales tax is Colorado. Everywhere else we do not charge sales tax.




Q1aDo you offer any specials?

A1aWe offer monthly specials, which include delivery discounts and FREE add-ons. Check them out here.




Q1a1Do you offer discounts?

A1a1In addition to our monthly specials and exclusives packages, we can often extend discounts for multiple units purchased. Contact us for details.




Q1b1Do you rent your systems?

A1b1Our company is focused on the sale and support of the products we carry.




Q1bWhere can I try out any of your simulators?

A1bWe have customers throughout the US, and many of them are proud to show off their simulator. Contact us to find a location and set up a demo.




Q1cCan I convert the simulator into a hybrid home theater?

A1cWe offer simulator customization and packages that can turn most basements, garages or man caves into the ultimate home theater/sports simulator experience. Our sales staff can also assist in sourcing and implementing add-on products for your home theater room. We are also happy to work with your builder or AV Company to seamlessly incorporate a simulator into your home or business.




Q1d1Where are you located?

A1d1We are located in Lafayette Colorado in-between Boulder and Denver. Our office is about 40 minutes from Denver International Airport. Click here for directions.




Q1dCan you convert to European power?

A1dYes. All of our systems can be converted to be used with most power conversions.




Q1d2Do you offer more than golf simulators?

A1d2Yes, in addition to the golf simulators we carry we also offer shooting, racing, cycling and multi-sport simulators; we well as a myriad of golf training products.




Q1d3Do I need to have my simulator connected to the internet?

A1d3It is highly recommended that customers have an active internet connection for software updates, customer service, licensing, and future online tournaments.




Q1eCan your systems be integrated or combined?

A1eMost of our systems can be combined to create the ultimate in-home playground. For example: Laser Shot works seamlessly with most of our golf and sport simulators. Add a Wii or Playstation to make it a full gaming experience. We offer many other great add-ons learn more here.




Q1l2Do you offer financing?

A1l2Both residential and commercial customers have financing options available. We use different lenders for the various products we carry. Please contact us for more info about home use financing. For commercial applications click here for more info or to apply:


Looking for product specific FAQ's?

FAQs for our main products are here:

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